Curriculum Vitae

Mohammad-Ali Rahebi is a PhD candidate at Shiraz University, Iran, mainly engaged in political and continental philosophy (mostly focused on philosophy of technology, materialism, and ontology). Publications include:

Book Chapters:


“The Neurotics of Yore: Cyber Schizos vs Germinal Neuroses” in Charles Johns (ed.), The Neurotic Turn, 2017, Repeater Books


“Data-Based Consent? The Necessity of Revising the Ethics of Informed Consent in the Age of Big Data” in Floridi and Mittlestadt (Eds.), Ethics of Biomedical Big Data, Springer, forthcoming.


Journal and Conference Papers:


We Are All Antigones Now: Machinic Becoming and the Rheology of Control, July 2018, Beyond Humanism Conference (forthcoming)


Artificial Life, Artificial Unconscious: Cybernetics as Non-Representational Computation and its Indpendence from Social Cognition, AISB 2017 – At: University of Bath, Bath, England


Pragmatism and its Continuation(s) as Philosophy of Cybernetics: Habit, Immanence, Efficiency without Knowledge, Pragmatism and Embodied Cognition: Habits and Neuroscience


Machines at the Speed of Light: Nonhuman Velocity/Temporality of Cybernetic Immanence, SLSA 2017: “Out of Time”


Beyond Forgetting: The Exo-sommatization of Habits, 2016, at Bernard Stiegler’s Summer Academy


“Biopolitical Immanence, or Whether Foucault and Deleuze Still Matter,” La Deleuziana (No. 1, forthcoming), available at



“Singularization and the Ideology of the Individual: the Cybernetic Organon and (non)Individuation,” London Conference in Critical Thought 2015, 26-28 June 2015, London.



“A Break Away From the Deleuzian Mainstream? Review of John Protevi, Life, War Earth: Deleuze and the Sciences,” Journal of Foucault Studies (forthcoming, unspecified)


“Review of Negri’s Time for Revolution,” Journal of Foucault Studies (forthcoming, unspecified)


“Review of Virilio’s The Great Accelerator,” Marx and Philosophy (


“Review of Negri’s Factory of Strategy: 33 Lessons on Lenin,” Radical Philosophy (forthcoming, unspecified)


“Cybernetics and the God of Occasionalism: a Reassessment of the Philosophy of Information” at International Society for Information Science 2015 Summit, 1-6 June 2015, Vienna.


“Evil as Non-Unity: Monsters and Species” at The Good, the One, and the Many, Nordic Network of History of Philosophy, 3-7 June 2015


“Cybernetics as the Efficient Organon” at the General Organology Conference, Kent University, November 2014.


“Appropriation and Explosion in Reforming Language-Games: A Model for Discursive Change,” Journal of Iranian Studies 47.4 (summer, 2014), co-authored with Sina Mansouri-Zeyni; available at


Working papers:


“Monster/Thresholds: Kafkaesque Reading of ‘The Monstrous'” (March 8, 2013), co-authored with Ebrahim Zargari-Marandi, available at SSRN:


“Cybernetics of the Accident: Willing the Excess” (March 13, 2013), co-authored with Ebrahim Zargari- Marandi, available at SSRN:


“Cybernetics: Epicurean Connections” (May 5, 2014), co-authored with Ebrahim Zargari-Marandi, available at SSRN:


“Overview of the Cybernetic Organon” (May 10, 2014), available at


Political Journalism:


“Celebrating a New Future after Iran’s Election” (July 1, 2013), Middle East Insight, available at


“A Brief View of the Condition of the Afghan Sans-Papiers in Iran” (July 2, 2014), Middle East Insight, available at



Articles Pending Acceptance


“The Cybernetic Organon and the Obsolescence of the Subject of Knowledge” Requested for resubmission with major revision by Parrhesia




Contact Information: +98 901 389 3687


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