Currently a PhD candidate at Shiraz University in Iran, I am planning to apply for a PhD in philosophy from Columbia University in the next two years. My earlier papers included papers published in the Journal of Iranian Studies, papers dealing with the political climate of Iran and the Middle-East, and the condition of Afghan immigrant workers. I now write on the philosophy of technology and speculative philosophy. I have two forthcoming journal articles on the philosophy of Cybernetics, on which issue I recently gave a talk at the General Organology Conference at Kent University. I am planning on writing a book on the subject. My other publications include papers on conspiracism, left-wing politics in the middle-east, and immigrant laborers, as well as pieces on Negri, Deleuze, Meillassoux, and Virilio (see my CV for the published and accepted writings).

I am chiefly interested in the philosophy of technology, but I am also interested in speculative philosophy, ontology, and speculative metaphysics. Currently I’m writing a paper on the ontology of monsters and species.


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